Extremophiles Inc.
Extremophiles are organisms that thrive in what humans view as extreme conditions — heat, cold, acidity, radiation, high pressures, and even the vacuum of space. The most famous extremophile is the tardigrade, but, of course, there are thousands more species too. The production company name honors Scott Trimble's background in the sciences while serving as a metaphor for the hardships endured during the course of making films.


7119 Sunset Boulevard #376
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA  90046, U.S.A.
phone 310-528-1241, fax 310-362-8920
e-mail info@extremophiles.com
Twitter @Extremophiles and @stst415

THANK YOU to John Park of Fresh Talent and Tobias Richter of The Light Works for their work in creating the logo. Thank you too to Eileen Clegg & Betty Frain of Visual Insight for their help in providing the Twitter handle.